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If Easter says anything to us today, it says this: You can put trust in a grave, but it won’t stay there. You can nail it to a cross, wrap it up in winding sheets and shut it up in a tomb, but it will rise! | Clarence W. Hall

One thing I have learned in ministry si that the cross will always cause a reaction, will always divide opinion and will often result in opposition or even persecution. These reactions will sometimes be out of our control, but we can choose how we will react. The most important thing however is that in a climate where the Christian faith is under constant pressure, we never compromise the truth about who we are, and who He is. This can be demonstrated even in small ways. last year, I was listening to a friend speaking about something as simple as saying grace:

When I am at home, I give thanks for my food before I am about to eat, and if I am out in a resturant, I do exactly the same. Sometimes I might get a few odd looks from people but I don’t care. I’m not doing it for that reason; I’m doing it because it’s part of me, part of who I am.

Here at Pathway, we will never compromise in telling the Easter story to the thousands of boys and girls we meet every term, it’s part of who we are, and this yea is no different! Our latest assembly will include telling the children how each time something bad happened to Jesus on His way to the cross, He remained silent. How he was lied about, was laughed at, was hit and hurt and was abandoned by his closest friends. But one of the things Jesus did say was Father, forgive them.

Please pray with us that as the boys and girls hear about what Jesus went through on the cross, that it will have a lasting impact on their lives.