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Image of Calvin & Hobbes cartoon

I’m a great fan of the Calvin & Hobbes cartoons. Like any six-year-old boy, Calvin constantly struggles in coming to terms with the concept that anything that builds his character involved hard work!

Pathway is currently going through a very testing time regarding our finances and for the first time since I have been leading the team, there have been very serious discussions regarding the future viability of the organisation.

This is not asking you to give more, as we are aware that so many of you already give so sacrificially. But we are asking you to pray, so that through this time of testing, God would indeed build our character so we are ‘ready for anything’.

As we approach the Christmas period we will be re-telling the story of Simeon, how he held onto God’s promise that he wouldn’t die before he had seen the saviour of this world.

Please pray that we would find favour as we visit schools and churches with this incredible message.