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Each year sees changes to the Pathway team and this school year is no exception!

Firstly a huge THANK YOU! to Carla Stephens for being a brilliant administrator whilst Pippa was on maternity leave. We really appreciate all her hard work, particularly on church/school links, and supporting Darren. She will be missed, and we pray that she will settle well into her new work roles.

And so we welcome back Pippa Cant as administrator.


Rebekah (MTC/Gap Year)

Photograph of Rebekah Cole

Pathway Gap Year MTC Student: Rebekah Cole

  • Name: Rebekah Cole
  • Favourite colour: Pink
  • Most irritating thing: My sister singing in her room at 3am!
  • What do you use to relax?: Go to Starbucks with friends, write poems/stories, go to cinema
  • Best bit in the Bible: Zephaniah 3:17
  • What led you to Pathway?: Pathway did a family service at my church about 5 years ago, and I remember being very interested in the training programme. Four years later I was wondering what to do next and it came back to my mind. I wanted to spend a year telling children about Jesus and this seemed the perfect opportunity!
  • What are you looking forward to in your time with Pathway?: Putting into practice what I learnt at Bible school last year, telling children about how amazing Jesus is and having fun with them!


Photograph of Stephanita Dimitrova

Pathway Team Member: Stephanita Dimitrova

  • Name: Stephanita Dimitrova
  • Home Country: Bulgaria
  • Most irritating thing: When I’m tired and can’t sleep
  • Special Skills: Playing piano, singing, dancing … Ooo having fun with small kids – I love it!
  • Best bit in the Bible: Jeremiah 29:11 – maybe because I am young and it’s normal to ask myself where exactly God will take me in the future.
  • What led you to London?: I’ve been at theological seminary in Germany for 2 years and this is my practical ministry year
  • What are you looking forward to in your time with Pathway?: To learn more about working with kids and in a team. To have fun and a wonderful time with incredible, unique, blessed kids! I am glad to be here!