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This post was written by Pathway Team member: Mick LeBaigue.

Photograph of Mick LeBaigue

Pathway Team Member: Mick LeBaigue

When the alarm clock rings… Yes even I groan sometimes on a cold dark morning and don’t always bounce out of bed but apart from obeying Jesus there are always little encouragements along the way. The children who shout ‘Yeah! It’s Pathway” and “I love your assemblies!”. The lad who came up to me in Tesco and said; “You came to my school and you are very funny.” The other night, a year 8 girl told me how she was at merryhills and was so encouraged by our assemblies there. She said, “I know you want to reach out, but remember for Christian children like me, it’s the highlight of the day”.

Brrr brrring… praise God