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A recent letter from Jackie Kaines Lang

Recently at a lunchtime club, Kacie and Niki were teaching about Moses leading the Israelites to freedom across the parted Red Sea. Niki described how the Israelites had an impossible choice; to turn and fight the chasing Egyptians, or to try and swim the sea. She described our own impossible choice; we all say ‘no’ to God and the Bible calls that sin. So we either live a perfect life or we are punished by God for our sin.

But God has a plan – a rescue plan. He rescued the Israelites by parting the Red Sea, and He sent Jesus to live a perfect life and to die for us – to be punished for our sin instead of us.

At that point, one boy said; “So Jesus died for us? That is cool!”. And it is, isn’t it!

Love Jackie x