Pathway Clubs

Pathway Clubs are an opportunity for relationships to be built with smaller numbers of children. Mainly run as school-based activities, they aim to be a place where children can gain a deeper understanding of stories from the Bible and how they relate to their lives.

What Are Pathway Clubs?

When Pathway began in the early 90′s, it had a principle aim of making Bible stories accessible to children, believing that they all deserved the chance to hear about the Christian faith in a relevant way. School based clubs provide a fantastic opportunity to do this as every week we have more than 100 children attending our clubs on a regular basis.

Why Link To Local Churches?

Wherever possible, Pathway seeks to give the opportunity for people from local churches to get involved within their local schools. Building these links is an excellent way for churches to be more involved within their community, something which schools are currently being encouraged to do.

Photograph of children writing together

Children writing and drawing as part of a Pathway activity

What Do The Children Learn?

One of the advantages of children attending a weekly club, is that we can often take them on a journey going through the whole life of a Biblical character telling a different story about that person each week. This often enables the children to learn that God has a plan for their whole lives, even when things are tough!

What Happens Each Week?

We have pretty much everything! There are lots of chances to have fun playing games, doing crafts and drama. We take time to answer childrens’ questions (of which there are many), as well as giving time for the Bible story which all the children look forward to.

Where possible they are set up near supporting churches and we encourage the local church to work with Pathway on a partnership basis. Individuals from these churches take an active role in the running of clubs. This fosters community cohesion.

Current Pathway Clubs

At present, Pathway runs 7 clubs (4 at lunchtime (The Big Lunch) and 3 after school (The Big Crunch)). The clubs are as follows:

  • Wednesday
    • Deansbrook Big Lunch
    • St. Paul’s Big Crunch
    • Freezywater Big Crunch
  • Thursday
    • Foulds Big Lunch
    • St. Michael At Bowes Big Crunch
  • Friday
    • Highfield Big Lunch
    • Woodlands Big Lunch